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Meth Lab Clean-up


Here at American Bio-Clean, we strive for safe and efficient Meth Lab cleanup. We maintain strict adherence to OSHA rules and regulations to ensure the safety of our workers, the public and your family. Meth lab clean up needs to take place over the entire site and includes the remediation of everything from the rugs and carpets, to the walls and ceilings. Even such things as furniture need a thorough decontamination. The cleaning of meth labs requires professionals. Attempting to clean this on your own might lead to severe health problems due to breathing in the vapors or even from contact of these chemicals with your skin.

Biohazard, waste, decomposition,dead body clean up, death, unattended death,corpse, crime scene

Crime Scene Clean up


We take being professional to our customers very seriously, we always adhere to O.S.H.A ., EPA and State Health Department guidelines and procedures. Our technicians are highly trained in how to properly remove, package and dispose of biohazardous waste, decomposition, dead body clean-up/ corpse and, unattended death. They have also been trained in how to approach and preserve a crime scene should additional evidence be discovered.

Sewage, sewage sludge, Human Feces, Urine, Blood Clean up, Human health risk, EPA, Biohazard

Biohazard Clean up


We do our best to ensure proper decontamination of the scene, an experienced scene clean up service should be employed. Human feces, urine, and blood cleanup pose a significant risk to human health. American Bio-Clean is well trained in EPA and OSHA regulations for biohazard cleaning.

Water Damage, Mold damage, Sewage, Sewage sludge, Sludge, flood, flood damage

Fire Smoke and Water Restoration


Whether residential or commercial Fire, Smoke, or Water damage we are on call to take care of the job no matter how large or small. We have certified professionals ready to take care of all the issues that our customers may have. Our technicians take care of issues as fast as possible so that our customers can get back to their daily life.








Bio-hazard Cleanup

Blood Cleanup

Carpet Cleaning

Crime Scene Cleanup

Decomposition Cleanup

Disaster Cleanup

Fecal Matter

Fire & Water Damage

Flood Damage

Hoarding Cleanup



Infectious Wast Cleanup

Lead Remediation

Meth Lab Testing/Clean/Removal

Mold Remediation

Odor Removal

Property Restoration

Suicide Cleanup

Smoke Damage

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Water Damage

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